One Person Cannot Satisfy the Cravings for an Entire Universe

Life has many opportunities, which in turn make many possibilities for any person. A person could want a stable job, a stable life and a secure future, or they could want the passion of struggle to develop themselves to their full potential until the day their life expires. A person could only choose one of these two things, and sometimes, these two things develop in a single person.

Humans have a wide appetite for anything the world, and even the universe can offer. His or her insatiability is a result of curiosity, which fuels passion and desire to develop skills to reach their dreams or intended results. If an individual looks for this in a single person, that significant other recognizes the effort placed upon him or her, but then, unlike the world and the universe, cannot offer an assured result.

A large appetite for pleasure, comfort, dreams and struggles is not enough for a single person to handle. A human has limitations and these limitations vary from person to person. If one invests all his or her hopes and dreams, without even considering their insatiability, then the single person could either break him or herself, or end up sacrificing his or her life in the end for the sake of another person.

Every man and woman has a craving for an entire universe of pleasure or struggle. Even if a universe of possibilities exist in one person, it does not mean that that universe is as large or could become larger as the other person desires.

Technology Dictates the Evolution of Mankind

Man’s evolution coincides with the way he or she perceives his or her existence in the world. In the past, many had found their passion for existence just to survive and have something to eat to fulfil their needs. At one point, man’s passion was struggle, to end a war that had claimed many lives and torn apart families because of ideals and political perspectives.

Today, another existential crisis looms due to the lack of historic struggle. Yet, this particular struggle is not a war against any other country or a fight to get the basic needs of the human body. It is a struggle for the proper evolution of our race.

Companies, individuals and investors are looking to increase profits by creating technologies that provide convenience for many people. However, convenience varies in helpfulness. If current technologies provide convenience for menial tasks, then man’s evolution may be headed to a self-destructive direction.

Man developed him or herself throughout time by facing struggles that required improving the level of both intellectual and physical abilities. If technology can prevent struggles from the start for mankind by assuming the level of intellectual and physical abilities needed to face the struggle, then mankind is only left to operate and feel an accomplishment that he or she did not do, but the machine itself, did.

We must turn around this evolution of convenience and allow a certain degree of struggle to help us maintain and develop the mind and body that created such wondrous machines in the first place.

Injury Claims: You Get Reduced Compensation for Injuries Caused by Unassigned Tools

A construction environment is not a safe workplace because hazards may consistently happen at any time. This is why employers ensure that each employee has a set number of responsibilities, limitation to responsibilities and the right kind of tools for their responsibilities. I was in charge of only using hand-carry tools for my task.

A friend of mine was in charge of using welding tools and is considered a welding specialist. He has worked in many projects with me and our most recent project, while not our last, gave him a huge setback. But clearly, it is his fault.

He wanted to borrow a screwdriver from my equipment because he needed to fix part of his welding equipment. I warned against it because it was not his responsibility to alter the welding equipment, and that the screwdriver was my responsibility. We had a department that fixed broken equipment of any kind.

Against my advice, he opened up his welding equipment and he had suffered a third degree burn to his fingers as the heating element tore through his working gloves. He was rushed into the hospital.

Our employers only provided environmental hazard and loss of wages. However, my friend had a reduced compensation amount because he destroyed company property by overstepping his responsibilities. The employers said that according to the terms agreed, both sides see these responsibilities as crucial to the safety of the employee and everyone else in the workplace.

Upon no win no fee injury claim expert advice, they said that it was really inevitable but the employers had stipulated it in the agreement that we had signed. The environmental hazard and loss of wages I hope is enough for my friend to recover smoothly from his tragedy.

How To Increase the Sales Values of Old Items You Own

Old items in your house or private storage can be of great value not to you, but to the right kind of audience. If you plan to sell these items for a high price, you need to identify which audience could find use it, the likely value of the item and its definite age. You will need to do the following to increase your chances of selling off something for a good price.

1. Find an Appraiser
An appraiser can tell you the worth of your antiquated products. However, you will need to pay them a fee for appraising and, if the product is found genuine, an endorsement certificate, which significantly increases the cost of the product depending on its rarity as claimed by the appraiser. This will tell you if you’ve struck gold or dirt depending on the appraiser’s evaluation.

2. Online
Research through the internet about individuals who have the same product and see the amount they earned from selling the similar products. A quick search through the internet could show you the products’ appeal to specific audiences. You could post your product online through auction or online buy and sell with an official auction or selling link in communities.

3. Details
Remember to include the copy of the appraiser’s endorsement to prove that your price is within the right range. If you will include additional amounts, indicate the reasons why; consumers are likely to shy away from your product should they find the price increase unjustifiable on your end.

Why It is Not Convenient to Have a Memory Reset Button

Scientists today said that they are closer to developing technology that will completely change the world because it can erase the painful parts of the human memory. The technology had been tested on mice, but still, not yet on humans and other animals.

A memory reset button is a dream come true for any person; you could say goodbye to any bad feelings easily. However, memories identify the kind of person you have grown to be, the experiences you have had dictate what you have learned in the world.

A memory reset button is a hedonistic privilege; it enables one to live without struggle, to live free of the memory of a person, place, object or event that had almost destroyed them. While it can save many lives, especially those who are clinically depressed and suicidal, it can also falsify the integrity a person has.

Memory erasure could also become a disease. People who knew that the person had forgotten about them similar to the fact that they never met each other can instantly make use of the service to provide an equal amount of uncaring impact on the other person. This is evident in the movie The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Ignorance may be bliss, but if one wants to live their life and define themselves, struggles do matter because they help you grow as a person and an individual with a philosophy and principle in life because of these negativities.

When Enough is Not Enough For One Person

The craving for control is a sign of a lust for power by one person, either consciously or subconsciously, but the truth of the matter is that it is a sign of discontentment. It signifies a need to radically change something through one’s abilities, wanting to shape his or her life to her own accord.

Discontentment has been the theme of any capitalist country existing in the world today. It is indeed inevitable that the entire world focuses on democracy with capitalism as its major tenet, but it is not at all a bad thing. Capitalism allows people to have their own say, to amass their own pools of resources to deliver their own message, which is the core value of democracy.

However, capitalism also allows a person to stand in power, higher than the government and higher than other businesses. With a genius at the helm of a capitalist empire, nothing is enough, even if he or she is in the highest position that could be given. He or she will drive the entire world to discontent because he or she will contest every person’s ideals and drive them down with his power.

When many people support a certain ideology, this person has a passion that is not limited even by the sky. Enough will not be enough for this one person, who holds the ideology of many and dilutes the ideology of others by giving them the same idea that enough will never be enough and comfort and convenience is never stable in any case.

Car Technologies That Auto Racing Gave Birth To

Auto racing is highly exciting. The adrenaline rush that surges in most car racing fans are double in most car racers. Auto racing can also expose the dangers of speed in vehicles, which is why developers and sponsors ensure that their vehicles are top-notch in speed, manoeuvrability and safety. Auto racing actually gave birth to most everday car safety and convenience technologies available today.

1. Automatic Transmissions
What helps granny drive the car was actually invented for auto racers to focus on their driving instead of shifting their gears while in-race. This allowed the auto racers to minimize the margin of error and make the process of shifting transmission gears faster, saving them more time in the circuit.

2. Steering Wheel Button Ignition
Common in most auto racing vehicles, the ignition for some modern cars are through the push of a button. Some auto manufacturers, such as Porsche, have a racing heritage and because every second counts, they did not consider using a key for ignition on their vehicles. A push of a button by the left hand, the drivers can start their vehicles and shift to their first gear quickly. However, this makes cars more prone to stealing.

3. Suspensions
Car safety is the number one rule with automakers in terms of auto racing and one way to stabilize racecar impact, especially off-road racing, is suspension. The impact of a jump and fall is very noticeable in racing. As for your vehicle, you only realize that your car has suspensions when you drive over a hump or a pothole.

A Constant Fact that Nothing Lasts Forever

What most people tend to forget is that life does not last forever. Probably, the human life is the most fragile and also the most durable in the world because it can span to more than a hundred years old, but it could easily pass away because of the fragile, organic physiology it has.

People tend to wrest control of other people to gain enough power for a lifetime, but inevitably, such power will also fall and it would be time to submit this power to another person. Some dream of living forever, like most movies show villains and their aspirations, but even they cannot achieve the ultimate immortality they seek.

Life does not last forever and ideas come and go. The computer terminal you are reading this article from will not last for more than 10 or 20 years. You will lose all your money, all the good health you have, the people you love, everything, in the passing of years.

People need to be reminded that nothing lasts forever, that the time they have on this earth is precious time not to be wasted on something that will not be valuable to them. Detachment allows for the maximum enjoyment of a brief period of time, and this is important if you want to live a full life.

Why Control is Never The Best Option

In most movies that people watch, it is always about the bad guy pursuing some kind of ultimate power that in the end, he or she fails to get because the protagonists actually combine their joint efforts to overpower the villain. In reality, the only person who wins is the one who has power, because who wins always gets the ability to control.

Everyday, people wake up and go to work on a normal day. People struggle to work with a job that they might be underemployed with just to pay their monthly bills and for their needs and savings. However, if people did not choose to control, they will not have restraint in remaining in their job and instead will pursue the things they want in life.

Control is never the best option because control gives you a responsibility. However, life has an inevitable need for control. Controlling one’s own life is essential and is a personal responsibility, but your own volition is crucial and controlling the volition of others is never the best option.

People would not want to be a God because they will receive all the responsibilities needed to ensure the stability of their own subjects and ideals, or else they themselves will perish. As a God, he or she can control, but with control through power also lies responsibility and responsibility, aside from caring about yourself, for others could mean potential hell.

Why You Should Have Creatine Nutrition

Creatine is a naturally-occurring substance in the skeletal muscles of the body and creatine nutrition, which replicates this substance to aid muscle development and improve its strength, has helped many to develop muscles faster and perform better with shorter strength-building exercises. Aside from this fact, here are a few more reasons to have creatine nutrition.

1. Strength
You would not need to do a lot of high intensity training and too much repetitions to build strength. Creatine helps your muscles build phosphocreatine. This substance helps your body develop strength faster through short intense strength-building workouts.

2. Better Start
Athletes who have creatine nutrition show evidence of improvement after the first 30 seconds of their performance by 10%. If you are looking to gain the initial advantage during training or before your game, creatine shakes before your competition could certainly help give you the edge.

3. Testosterone
As males age, so will their testosterone levels, which affect muscle and strength development. There will be a significant decrease in energy and sex drive, but by taking in creatine could helpyour hormone generation. According to a study, a 10 week resistance training program with creatine as primary nutrition raised testosterone levels to great highs.

4. Productivity
Creatine is not just for physical development, but also for your mental and emotional well-being. People with creatine supplementation get more work done than other athletes. A motivation to be productive with your time you could get with 20 grams of creatine for five days.